The Hindu: OFFBEAT Computer Books in Tamil! (November 5, 2005)

Interview Taken by: MEERA MOHANTY, The Hindu
To read it in Website: The Hindu, NOV 5, 2005
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The Oracle in TAMIL
OFFBEAT Computer books in Tamil? K. Bhuvaneswari has over 30 works to her credit

Entrepreneur, writer, publisher, editor K. Bhuvaneswari wanted to be a “role model” when she grew up.

“Role model, character wise, and in terms of determination, not the Miss India type,” she says.

So after acquiring her Masters in Computer Science she chose to pursue a different path. Instead of following the herd and finding herself a job with a big IT company, she started one of her own.

Through Compcare Software, Bhuvaneswari not only turned managing director entrepreneur but also turned her hobby into a profession.

She has been writing since childhood having seen her first story published in the Tamil children’s monthly, Gokulam, at the age of 12.

So writing computer science books in Tamil was not difficult.

At her training institute so many people are initially shy of asking questions in Tamil.

According to Bhuvaneswari, many leading computer institutes in the city actually ask their students to take spoken English classes.

It was to fill this need that she started publishing her own books.

“It’s a myth that English Language fluency is a must for Computer Education,” says Bhuvaneswari. Over the years she has written more than 30 books on languages such as C++, Oracle, Flash and HTML.

The Evvalavuthan computer series is now part of the Presidency College syllabus.

But her most rewarding experience has been teaching computer skills to a group of mentally challenged students. Bhuvaneswari is developing a software in Braille.

Under the Compcare Arrivial Pathippagam banner, Bhuvaneswari has also created Cartoon CDs and VCDs for children and elderly people.

“There is so much entertainment for the youth, my main aim is to cover children and older people, ” says Bhuvaneswari.

So while the children’s animated CDs are full of stories of Tenali Raman and Aesop’s Fables, there are devotional VCDs for elders like Kanthar Shasti Kavasam.

Bhuvaneswari is her own inspiration.

“I should be a role model for everybody,” she says, hoping other young people like her will have the courage to follow their dreams, even if they are difficult ones.

“The words of our President A. P. J. Abdul Kalam ring in my ears — `Dream… Dream… Dream… ‘,” says Bhuvaneswari.

Interview Taken by: MEERA MOHANTY, The Hindu

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