News Today: Women entrepreneur takes memory lane – NoVember 4, 2007

November 4, 2007

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Women entrepreneur takes memory lane

Women entrepreneur takes memory lane Young and dynamic, the women entrepreneur recalled her journey so far with passion. Instead of focusing too much on business targets, K Bhuvaneswari, managing director, Compcare Software Pvt Ltd, did spare her valuable time on writing technical books and creating animation CDs for children.

She is also sought after for her Tamil columns on the subject of IT and skill development. After completing M Sc in Computer Science, she started her own business with a single computer in 1993 which focused on developing software for retail stores and small businesses.

From 1998, she moved onto web design that ushered in steady business for the fledgling concern. ‘I had to constantly update my software skills as new programmes like Java and .NET became popular with their many applications.’

Bhuvaneswari was sharing her experience at the monthly event in Chennai on Saturday called Paathai Payanam Paarvai organised by Swadeshi Jagran Manch which offered a platform for young entrepreneurs to narrate their success journey.

‘Developing a new software gives me experience which made me to write over 40 Tamil books on computer and IT skills. In 2000 when the IT industry was hit by recession, a popular gra-phics firm was shut down and the retrenched staff approached me for jobs. Immediately, their expertise was used to develop animation and graphic CDs having moral tales for children,’ she recalled.

Till now, Bhuvaneswari has produced 30 graphic CDs which taught children moral values through animation. Recently, TV channels asked her to anchor scientific programmes which she has been doing with UGC sponsorship.

Though her core strength was in software development for wide range of clients, ‘my service activities are taking shape by the side.’ Her column Vazhikaati in Tamil daily Dinamalar had fetched her popularity far and wide. Without blinking eye, Bhuvaneswari readily confessed that her success was due to the love and care of her parents.

And as token of gratitude, she created a docu-film that traced her life from childhood to a successful entrepreneur. Earlier, Sadagopan, editor, Vijayabharatham, said the history books in schools were totally silent on many personalities who fought valiantly against the British regime for Independence.

The landing of Portuguese sailor Vasco da Gama in Calicut on 1498 was a turning point in Indian history for it gradually paved way to the conquering of the subcontinent by the Europeans, he said.

Moreover, the raw materials exported from India had contributed much to the Industrial Revolution in Europe.On the division of the country by the British before they quit, he said Partition was inevitable as propounded by RSS leaders like Veer Savarkar, though many Congress stalwarts rejected the idea at the first instance, opined Sadagopan.

Earlier, Ravi Vanamamalai, Chennai convener of SJM, said instead of stock exchange looked upon as the barometer of economic growth, ‘we have to live in harmony with nature for real development.’ Real progress should benefit the poor and needy citizens and not just the elite population, he said.

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