How to get rid off Layoff mental tension?

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Que.   It is difficult to handle being kicked out of job. It is important to know how to bear with it while coming out of it?

Job –  What a great prestige, what a great motivation, how much of pride it gives, what an honour.

Layoff – How much pain it gives?

Job is not just meant to provide salary for living. It encompasses life. Our home, family, children, relatives, neighbours, friends are all bound by this force.

It is the base that helps our body and mind function normally. It is the vitamin that helps us be happy, live with facilities and helps us stand prestigiously on our feet.

Work is not job alone. It is the great medicine for our mental determination.

This cannot be just achieved by getting salary. If one is satisfied by salary alone, then any retired pensioner would be satisfied. We have examples of workers who die of heart failure on the day of job retirement. There are cases of people, who were extremely active while in service, but after retirement are relegated by illnesses.

Having worked till the age of sixty, one is feted by colleagues, with garland’s, respect, gifts, accolades till their home turf, such people may feel out of place with disturbed minds after retirement. Whereas for many who deserve to live well, work enthusiastically,

it is a great wound that does not heal when they are thrown out of jobs by the single statement ‘no job for you  anymore’.

In these corona times, the one worry of great many people is that they will lose their jobs. Some establishments have reduced their salary margin. There is no scope for businesses which depend on daily rotation with daily debtor creditor dealing. They may not eliminate the whole work team but retain a few workers with minimal salary.

In the year 2000, our company introduced animation sphere. At that time, a well established  famous  big  established animation  company in Kodambakkam, gradually shifted to movie sphere and stopped CD production. Result was reduction of labour. They retained exceptional few and removed majority of labour from their company.

At that time we were manufacturing animation CDs at low cost which sold well in the market breaking records. That was the time our brand name was becoming popular.

Many of the people who lost jobs in the Kodambakkam company, came for interviews in our company. We retained a few of them.

But none of them outgrew the lay off depression. They would be stone faced and never be jovial.

In that group, one animation expert was affected by deep emotional distress. He had problems with his wife, fights with his parents. With this turmoil, he committed suicide one day.

It took us many days for us to come out of this tragedy.

Life is filled with high tides of ocean which merge with the sands at ground level. The wave does not feel bad for rising high and falling low. The very beauty of the waves is rhythmic ups and downs.

We can fathom that none can stay high forever. Life has ravines. And it comes unexpectedly.  We must be energetic like the beach waves and not be disheartened.

This world is big. It offers number of openings. If one door closes understand it is not for you and search for the entrance meant for you.

It is true that all of us have our own beautiful entrance and a more beautiful way of aspiring to open it.

Let this day be a beautiful day.


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Compcare K. Bhuvaneswari