News Today : Anniversary fete of Swadeshi Jagran Manch – July 20, 2008


July 20, 2008

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Anniversary fete of Swadeshi Jagran Manch

In India, 42 million people are entrepreneurs and out of which 52 per cent belong to SC, ST and OBC class.

This shows that they have the capacity to take risks more than the so-called forward or elite class, Professor of Finance and Control R Vaidyanathan of IIM Bangalore has said.
Participating at the second anniversary celebration of ‘Pathai-Payanam-Parvai’ of Swadeshi Jagran Manch (SWJ) Chennai at Meenakshi College for Women on Saturday, Vaidyananthan spoke on the topic of ‘Enterprising Indian Entrepreneurship’.

He said the present trend may lead to a state of the nation turning into a land of ‘Vaishyas’, as people from all communities take to self employment, entrepreneurship and businesses.

He said that even housewives are becoming entrepreneurs and almost 80 per cent are self-employed. He cautioned the entrepreneurial community not to depend on the ‘State’ for anything, as the ‘State is nothing but a dacoit destroying family and community through its mindless policies.’

Stating to entrepreneurs that ‘managing surplus’ is more difficult than ‘managing deficit’, he advised them to develop the habit of ‘giving’.

He appealed them to concentrate on acquiring ‘Lakshmi’ (wealth) and spending for ‘Saraswathi’ that is educating the youth, for the ultimate development of the country.

Swadeshi Jagran Manch (SWJ) is an all India movement founded in the early nineties by group of nationalist thinkers led by Dattopant Thengadi with a noble aim of building a ‘Super Power India’ purely based on ‘Swadeshi’ principles. It focuses on different sectors like agriculture, education, industry and unorganised sector, etc. to build them for competing with the international forces, defeating them and thereby becoming world leaders.

Recognising the contribution of ‘Entrepreneurship’ to the Indian Economy and to sustain the core values of family, community and society, SJM has been organising events to inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship in the minds of youth and students, under the title ‘Pathai-Payanam-Parvai’ since July 2006. The second anniversary was celebrated here on Saturday, where 13 successful entrepreneurs from different fields were honoured.

Speaking on the occasion, SJM co-convener S Gurumurhty gave a succinct picture on the history of entrepreneurship in India, which was leading the world economy in GDP, per capita and global trade for almost 1,700 years since the beginning of the Common Era.

He detailed how India lost its economic status due to the misrule of colonial powers. He said entrepreneurship by ‘necessity’ is better and more important than entrepreneurship by ‘choice’, as the former will help a lot in the development of community and society and he also cited the examples of hosiery trade in Tiruppur and lorry building in Namakkal and Thiruchengode.

Gurumurthy also categorically said that entrepreneurship could be developed only by sheer practice and that it cannot be learnt in classrooms or through magazines and newspapers.

He criticised the media for focusing more on the ‘Sensex’ madness, which contributes only one per cent for the nation’s GDP. He also said that the media in India generally ignore entrepreneurs and forget to highlight their success stories. He advised the youth to develop ‘risk taking’ capacity rather than ‘speculating’ capacity.

The 13 successful entrepreneurs who were honoured included:
Sarathbabu (Foodking), Jeeva (Jeeva Kalaikoodam), K Bhuvaneswari (Comp Care), Padma (Vertical Solutions), T Jayaraman (Seco Controls), Latha Rajan (Ma Foi Management Consultants), K Kanakaraj (Millennium Motors), Saundarya Rajesh (Avtar career creators), Girija Raghavan (Ladies Special) Gita Prabu (AIMS Education) Dr Vellaichamy (Sri Balaji Castings), Iyappan & Vignesh Vyas (Sridevi Gold covering Works) and V S Pradeep (Medimix).

Vijay Prabahat, CEO of Story Trails India (P) Ltd and Rama Nambi Narayanan, State organising secretary of SJM also spoke.

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